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Although it may sound very easy to learn driving and traffic rules, it isn’t easy at all. Because people have to invest a lot of time and energy to learn how to drive as per the government regulations. Our client Mr. Mandeep Burmi lives in Canada and he also has to struggle to learn the road rules while driving a vehicle in a new country. He discovered that almost every newbie faces a huge problem in learning to drive and getting a driving license in Canada.
Mr. Mandeep wanted to help people overcome this problem with a reliable solution. He connected with our team and shared his aim and requirements. This was a very new concept so we did a lot of research to find out how we can fulfill the needs of our client. Our team did R&D to better understand the concept and requirements. We discovered that 80% of people own a vehicle in Canada. But foreigners face a lot of problems to get well-versed with the traffic norms and get a license. We prepared documentation with statistics to show the client our ideology such as top features on the website – users can sign-up and access the courses. Mr. Burmi was impressed and agreed to hire our team which included 3 developers, 2 designers and 2 QA.

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Application Features

Phase 1

Planning & Analysis

When Mr. Burmi moved to Canada he faced a lot of struggle to get familiar with Canadian traffic rules and then driving license. Similarly, other people were also facing the same issue but no one thought to address the problem and find the solution.
Since it is difficult to understand/learn new traffic rules and get a driving license, our client Mr. Mandeep hired our crew to find him a reliable solution. As our client wanted to stop this issue for a lifetime. He wished to ease the entire process from learning traffic rules to driving and finally getting a driving license.
Our team suggested a simple website after thorough research considering the fact that digital solutions have a higher success rate in the market. We prepared the outline of the website and showed the papers to the client. Our crew was highly focused on creating a very easy and simple website so that users could easily understand and operate the website. Thus, our designers, as well as developers, planned to create a simple UI but robust UX.
Phase 2

Design & Implementation

We had a meeting with the client to showcase our planning and documentation before proceeding further to ensure we were moving on the right path. Mr. Mandeep was pretty happy with the progress and design of the website and asked our developers to step ahead with the implementation part.
The team worked brilliantly and crafted a website with all the features. The top features of the TrubiCars include sign-up, sign-in and sign-out, online courses, driving school, instructor and support, and various types of licenses such as Car, Bike, Truck, Taxi, etc. The functionalities were working perfectly fine on the site. Our team checked everything, then we showed the progress to the client and moved ahead for professional testing and integration.
Phase 3

Testing & Integration

We have a talented team of QA and they never compromise especially in terms of quality. Once we completed the development process of the TrubiCars, our QA (testers) did the complete testing of the website both manual and automation. Both the QA focused primarily on each functionality of the website. They checked the payment gateway, plugin, modules, API, as well as DataBase to ensure everything is working smoothly. The QA team found some minor errors so our team of developers checked and fixed them all to make the website bug-free. Once again our testers thoroughly checked the website and functionality to make sure everything works according to the planning and client’s requirement.
When everything synched well and worked properly we gave the final demo to the client Mr. Mandeep Burmi. He liked everything on the TrubiCars website. So we planned the launch of the website.
Phase 4

Launch & Maintenance

TrubiCars was finally launched after crossing all the hurdles during the designing, development, and testing phase. Mr. Burmi did the online marketing of the website to gain the attention of the customers. To our and client’s surprise, people showed huge interest and found TrubiCars a reliable portal. Within a couple of months, this website made a huge name in the Canadian market. Our team has maintained the website ever since the beginning and to date. Our client Mr. Mandeep is very happy with the successful journey of this project as well as our crew.


  • Build a website from scratch to cater to driving knowledge.
  • Implement top features like sign-up, sign-in and sign-out, online courses, choose a driving school, instructor and support, license of vehicle, etc.
  • Create a very simple user interface along with a powerful user experience so that users can easily understand and operate the services.
  • To provide online videos of driving but also keep them in sync so that users cannot skip the content without finishing one.

Front-end & back-end APP Development Stack



TrubiCars was a very different business idea. But we somewhere knew that this could make a huge name in the market. So we put our efforts into this project accordingly. We researched a lot to find out which features would make this website more robust and built the project.
Presently, TrubiCars is a very popular website in Canada. A huge number of audiences rely upon this platform when it comes to learning to drive and getting a license. In fact, this portal is fully authorized by the Canadian government thus, it has a large customer base.