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There are numerous occasions to send gifts. But every individual has to face a lot of problems such as forgetting dates, finding the perfect gifts, lack of time to select gifts (visit offline stores), confusion about what to gift, budget, etc. Since every scenario is different, types of hassle or problems are also different. Mr. ABC wanted to eliminate all the cons and make the entire gift-sharing process easy and effortless. He contacted us in February 2020 and thoroughly explained his business requirements.
Once we got to know the client’s requirements, we started our R&D and prepared a PPT to showcase the blueprint to the client. We had a conference meeting via video call where our team explained the process of development and designing to Mr. ABC. Our client was happy with the research our crew did in such a short time so he decided to choose us on the set budget.
We completed all the paper formalities and started working on the project. To eliminate all the complications or struggles while sending gifts, we developed a mobile application for both Android and iOS – GiftZoom. We used a top technology stack to craft the best solution. This mobile app has an abundance of great features to ease the procedure of sending gifts. In simple words, GiftZoom is an All-IN-One platform to send the best gifts online with just a few taps on the mobile.

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Application Features

Phase 1

Planning & Analysis

Our client noticed a lot of people struggling while sending gifts to their special ones. He decided to find a reliable solution and ease the entire process.
Our team of developers, designers along with project managers did a thorough R&D to fully understand the requirements of the client. We started with research, planning and analysis to find the best solution. Our crew looked for the features our clients asked for in the mobile application. Although we were already familiar with a lot of features or functionalities. So without any further delay, our team shared the layout and technical details with the client to move ahead with the next step.
Phase 2

Design & Implementation

Once we discussed with the client, our team of developers and designers stepped ahead to the next phase – designing & implementation. Our designers are very skilled and experienced and they designed beautiful and advanced designs to match the project requirements.
The client liked the design a lot but we did some amendments also to improvise the design. With the final layout design, our client asked us to move ahead with the next step. Then our team of proficient developers came into the frame and started the development process. In just a couple of months, our crew finished the development of the GiftZoom. We showed the demo to the client and he was pretty happy and satisfied with the outcome.

Phase 3

Testing & Integration

Once we completed the development phase, we moved on to the testing. Our testers did the manual, automated, API, DataBase testing to ensure the accuracy and quality of the project. Our team checked if all the functionality matches the requirements of the client. Also, to ensure that the entire mobile application is 100% bug-free.
During the complete testing phase, our testers found a couple of bugs. Our team communicated with developers to get rid of every bug. The team of developers checked everything thoroughly and rectified the errors and crafted GiftZoom.
Phase 4

Launch & Maintenance

The GiftZoom application was developed in a couple of months. Then, we launched the mobile application in the market. We also kept our eyes on the maintenance of the app GiftZoom. People really liked the idea of GiftZoom. Since the client received a great response, we also got great feedback from the client, as well as the market.


  • To build a mobile application from scrap for B2B along with B2C.
  • Implement basic, as well as advanced features like registration (sign-up and sign-in), add gift category and gift items, search items, send gifts, schedule gift sending date, add occasion/events, etc.
  • Create an easy UI but robust UX with features like filters, login, logout, gift/product, gift status, order history, etc.
  • Build easy gift/order placing features for users and effortless tracking of the current order & history.

Front-end & back-end APP Development Stack



GiftZoom was a fresh and unique business idea, our team of developers and designers researched a lot and built the mobile application from the scrap. We considered all the top features to make the UX smooth and effortless. Our designers focused on the latest design ideas to enhance the overall UI that attracts a larger customer base.
The final result was a perfect solution for our client. As we blended advanced technology with supreme designs and crafted the best solution named GiftZoom. Thus, we were able to impress our client with the exact solution as per the client’s requirements.