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Since the food/restaurant business has always been a boom, Jay and Gino planned to take their offline restaurant business online. However, they did not have much technical knowledge so got in touch with our team and shared their requirements. We listened to each detail of the clients and added additional points to enhance overall outcomes.
Our crew of developers and designers initiated the work and started their Research and Development to prepare the outline of the project. In just a couple of days, we again had a meeting with Gino and Jay to showcase the gathered information and discuss the business idea further.
Both the clients were impressed with the efforts and course of the plan for the development of the Motor Burger project. They agreed to hire 3 developers among them 2 were backend developers and 1 frontend developer along with 1 web designer and QA (quality analyst). Once we signed all the papers or completed the formalities, we began the project.

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Application Features

Phase 1

Analysis & Planning

Both Jay and Gino were already in the restaurant business for more than a decade. With time and technology, they wished to upgrade and take their business on the internet. So they connected with us online to better discuss their business desires with professionals.
We did our market research and prepared a full-proof analysis to make a successful plan. After completing all the R&D, we had a meeting with the clients to further talk about the proceedings, steps and stages of the project. Once everything was done on paper, we step forward to the next stage of the project “design and functionality implementation”.
Phase 2

Design & Implementation

During the second stage of the Motor Burger project, our web designer along with a graphic designer prepared a beautiful and elegant design. Once our team completed the design of the website, we connected with clients and showed them the outcomes.
They asked us for some minor changes and some additions to the plan but overall both Jay and Gino were happy with the results. So we moved on and asked developers and QA to step ahead for the next stage.
Phase 3

Testing & Integration

When our developers and designers finished the development phase of the project “Motor Burger”, our QA expert did the manual and automation testing to make sure the functionality of the website is smooth and correct. Although everything was working smoothly and fine, QA asked our developers to make some minor changes to enhance the website for a better user experience.
Finally, our software engineers integrated the website to call the correct function on call and send and receive data properly. Since our team worked great, everything on the website was well synced, thus the website was running on point.
Phase 4

Launch & Maintenance

We moved on to the last step, “launch of Motor Burger”. It was a grand launch and so many people showed a huge interest in the website. In addition, within a couple of months, this project was a big hit show in the market.
Our clients were very happy with our work and their success. Since a huge number of customers started coming on the website to place an order, we provided support and maintenance to ensure the website doesn’t stop working due to heavy load.


  • The main objective of developing this website was to go with the flow and latest trends along with making the food.
  • The ordering process is easy for every customer. Also, to make an online presence in the market and attract more customers.
  • From the scrap, we started this “Motor Burger” project and finished it with perfection.
  • Our client’s desires and demands were to make this project with advanced technology and the latest features to make the user interface and user experience effortless.
  • Features of Motor Burger include – order placement, order tracking, menu, food category, etc.
  • In the dashboard, the features include – order history management, order marking as per status, etc.
  • The color theme of the website was red and white to make it more attractive and appealing for the customers.

Front-end & back-end APP Development Stack



Motor Burger is a website for a restaurant with many advanced features. Before getting started with this project, our team did a lot of market research to understand the current market trends and user requirements. Our aim is often to make every project elegant and simple weather customers feel good, comfortable and familiar.
To fulfill every client’s business objective, we have a brilliant team of developers, designers, and QA who never set on less and also don’t compromise with the quality. Similarly, our crew put in 100 % effort and crafted this amazing website. Therefore, we created this website and our clients were amazed by our team’s performance. As Jay and Gino made a lot more profit in the business with this website.