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eCommerce business is one of the fastest-growing businesses and hottest topics around the world. There are so many reasons for the success of the eCommerce business vertical such as people have become dependent on technology etc. Our client Mr. Gurpreet Singh was already in the eCommerce business and he wanted to take his business and clientele online. He also wished to augment his business, thus needing features where he could cover B2B as well as B2C audiences on one platform.
To discover the best digital solution for the business, Mr. Singh connected with our team and discussed his requirements. Although eCommerce was not new, the kind of features our client needed on the website were new. So we started our research accordingly to deliver the best services on the mark. We came across multiple things and shared them with Gurpreet. In the next meeting session, we finalized all features he needs on the front-end and dashboard. For the Eaglework Solutions project, he hired 2 frontend React.js developers, 1 web designer and 1 Quality Analyst.

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Application Features

Phase 1

Analysis & Planning

Although Mr. Gurpreet Singh was already in the business, with time and the latest technology trends he also wished to take his business online. Since he lacks technical expertise and the latest market and business trends, he got in touch with our team for professional assistance. We had an online conference to discuss the business idea and project requirements in detail.
Our team was well-versed in the current eCommerce business trends so we didn’t take much time to understand the project. We created a demo layout to showcase to the client and Gurpreet liked it. So we moved further to the next step of the development process.
Phase 2

Design & Implementation

The web designer created a very simple yet classy website outline. He took references from so many top eCommerce websites out there in the market. As per the client’s request, we kept the color theme of the website subtle with a sky blue header, brown logo and gray overall theme and brown button. Once we completed the design of the website, we again had a meeting with a client to show the progress and design.
He liked it and asked our designer for some amendments. Once the web designer made the requested changes, the development team proceeded further with the implementation part. Our developers were skilled and quickly did the project in just a few months.
Phase 3

Testing & Integration

After the development stage, our QA (quality analyst) did the testing of the “Eaglework solutions”. The tester did both manual and automation testing to ensure high quality and bug-free websites. Since our developers did a great job, QA didn’t find any bugs or errors. All the faults found during the testing stage were very minor errors. So the developers fixed them all and we moved on to the integration part of the website.
Once every part of the website was synced with another and every command was working on the call, we gave the final demo to Mr. Gurpreet and proceeded with the final step “Launch.
Phase 4

Launch & Maintenance

Once we completed all the stages of the Eaglework Solutions development, we finally reached the launch. Within a couple of months, the project became a big success for us and our client.
Since so many users started coming on the website, we provided consistent support and maintenance to ensure the speed, safety and smooth functioning of the website. Mr. Singh is pleased with the overall journey and success of the project and our work also.


  • Started this project from the start and finished it with excellence.
  • Add in many features for customers, as well as the client.
  • Top frontend features of Eaglework solutions include deal of the week, product category, product search, top featured products, etc.
  • Dashboard features include product filters, category, product add, total added products list, order history, deal of the week, slider or banner, total users, etc.
  • For users, we created sign-up, log-in, log-out, easy product search, order history, order tracking, delivery address, etc.
  • Eaglework solutions UI and UX are amazing with gray/white color themes along with a blue header.

Front-end & back-end APP Development Stack



Eaglework solutions is an eCommerce website with so many unique features. We did so much research to make this project robust and special not just for the client but also for customers. Thus, we made a strategy to add on simple yet effective features like a deal of the week, product search, product category, etc. To accomplish this goal more successfully, our team of developers and designers didn’t leave a chance to put in effort and make it possible.
In the United Kingdom, Eaglework solutions is a very trusted and popular eCommerce platform. Many people, as well as businesses, use this website for their daily or business needs. Furthermore, in the upcoming time, the Eaglework website will be used in the USA and other top countries.