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Looking for PHP training in Chandigarh, Mohali? BootesNull offers comprehensive PHP training courses to help you master this powerful web development language. With BootesNull’s PHP training, you can be confident in your ability to develop dynamic, high-performance web applications that meet the needs of businesses and users alike.

With experienced trainers and hands-on learning opportunities, our PHP training courses at BootesNull in Chandigarh will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the competitive web development industry.


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    PHP: A Reputed Career

    With time, things have changed for the better, and Information Technology has played a very immense and important role in the same. Earlier things were very different as everyone followed the traditional way. However, now the entire way of living has drastically changed. In the past, people were limited to science, medical, or arts in terms of career. Presently, there are millions of options available to choose from and IT is one amongst millions. Though Information Technology is a very vast and reputed field to choose as a career. One needs to have in-depth knowledge about IT before planning to choose it as a long-term career.

    In Information Technology, there are two main genres. The first one is software and the second is hardware. However, both are equally vital and in trend.

    In software development, there are various programming languages and PHP is one of them which is well-known as it provides secure and scalable solutions. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a widely-used open-source scripting language. PHP is highly suitable for web development. Now, don’t hold back anymore, instead book your slots for PHP training in Chandigarh, Mohali ASAP.

    php training in chandigarh

    Fast Learning Curve

    Reusable Components

    High Stability

    Boosts Productivity

    Easy-to-Learn and Use


    Large Community Support

    Rapid Rendering with Virtual DOM

    Future of PHP in IT Industry

    PHP is a tremendously used programming language for developing websites and web applications. As it is fast, secure, and scalable thus, it offers many benefits therefore, several people use PHP.

    The demand to hire PHP developers is very high and it will rise in the upcoming years. As people/businesses are highly relying on PHP for web development. Therefore, the scope of PHP will expand and so does the competition in PHP.

    PHP developers are in high demand because of digitalization. Today, everyone wants their business online, including small and big companies. To fulfill the demand and build a secure career, many non-technical persons are enthusiastically enrolling for PHP training in Chandigarh, Mohali.

    DO You Know?

    Tumblr, Wikipedia, Facebook, Slack, MailChimp, Etsy, and WordPress are some of the popular applications built using PHP.

    Career Opportunities in PHP: A Popular Programming Language

    For a decade, the internet has changed everything. Currently, there are numerous career opportunities. PHP has become one of the most popular career options these days, so in this field, job opportunities are also high.  

    PHP is a technology that many big IT firms and multinationals are looking at closely, so developers from India shouldn’t ignore it. Instead, make use of the opportunity 100% by registering for PHP training in Chandigarh, Mohali at BootesNull.

    Latest Market Demand for PHP

    • Web Designing.
    • Website Presentation.
    • For 3D Interaction Uses of Flash.
    • Special Effects for Websites like Parallax Scrolling.
    • Fixed Headers for Brand Promotions.

    Why Choose BootesNull for PHP Training in Chandigarh

    We are a leading IT company in Chandigarh. Furthermore, we are catering to excellent PHP training Mohali. At BootesNull, we have highly adept developers who work on live projects. They will train the candidates who will enroll in the course. Furthermore, candidates can implement their knowledge on live projects and upgrade their skills. Apart from these, there are many other advantages of choosing BootesNull as your PHP training center.    

    Why Choose BootesNull

    Work On Live Projects

    We give freedom and an opportunity to each candidate to work on the “LIVE projects” for good learning.

    Certified Instructors

    At BootesNull, we have a team of certified professional trainers to provide world-class-level PHP training.


    Free Study Material

    For the PHP training in Mohali, we provide free-of-cost study material to each of our students/candidates


    In-House Job Placement

    At BootesNull, we have a team of certified professional trainers to provide world-class-level PHP training.


    Each Individual Supervision

    Our PHP coaches always focus on each individual supervision in training so
    that we prepare proficient developers for tomorrow.


    Best Infrastructure

    We crafted the whole PHP training program for students considering the best infrastructure to render top-notch quality coaching.

    Our PHP Training Program

    • We focus on basics
    • No technical background required
    • More of practical exercise
    • Work on live projects
    • Self-paced 
    • Best infrastructure 
    • Certified instructors
    • Extra session 
    • One to one session
    • Individual supervision 
    • Counseling by experts
    • Free study material
    • Interview preparation
    • 100% job assurance

    How BootesNull is Best in Chandigarh

    • Facilitating an interactive atmosphere that encourages participation, communication, and learning
    • Flexible time 
    • Secure and comfortable education 
    • Free study material and extra classes
    • Expert development engineers to provide practical training
    • Dedicated to candidate’s success
    • Worthy career counseling
    • Competent team
    • Individual classes – if needed
    • Individual support classes – on demand
    • Small batch so that  every student can get attention
    • Backup classes on weekends – if needed
    • Experienced & certified trainers with advanced skills
    • Assured interviews after thorough preparation 
    • In-house hiring for top candidates

    Placement On Completion Of Training

    • HR team will prepare you for the self-introduction round and group discussions
    • Guidance for technical + written interview
    • Tips for making a resume 
    • Personality development 
    • Communication skills

    Who Can Enroll for PHP Training?

    • Graduates from any stream 
    • Willing individuals from any educational background
    • Basic computer knowledge is add on


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    Workshops every month

    Ready To Quick Start Your Career?

    BootesNull is a well-renowned IT company in Mohali, India rendering software development services and PHP training. We provide an opportunity to the enrolled candidates to work on live projects during the training program so that candidates have a better and clear understanding of PHP.

    Average Pay Scale of PHP Developers

    Businesses that understand the vitality of online visibility and presence highly rely upon PHP developers as they understand how crucial PHP developers are for their company. The role of PHP developers at an organization is to ensure that all functions and processes related to web and IT infrastructure always run smoothly and efficiently. 

    The versatility of PHP (programming language) makes it a highly in-demand language around the globe, which leads to an increasing PHP developer salary. To make your career secure and stable, register now for PHP training in Chandigarh, Mohali. 

    PHP developers who are freshers usually earn around 15K – 18K on a monthly basis. Additionally, experienced PHP developers earn up to *12–18 Lakh/year (in NCR). However, earnings might vary from city to city.

    Additional factors that affect the pay scale of PHP developers: -

    • Education
    • Experience 
    • Performance 
    • Skills-set & Certification
    • Company’s Standards 
    • Company’s Location


    Discover the most frequently asked questions about PHP training

    A – You can place your query or request for PHP training in Chandigarh, Mohali on the website, and our team will soon get back to you with the best solution.

    A – The duration of the PHP trainings at BootesNull is a minimum of 6 months. Moreover, we ensure to cover all the major topics during the training period.

    A – Yes, absolutely. We highly focus on training every candidate to the best extent possible so that all can easily get a job. Moreover, we hire the top candidates within the organization. Additionally, our HR department always supports candidates on how to crack an interview.

    A – We are a prominent IT company and we have many in-house projects so we teach the candidates on live projects.

    A – Yes, absolutely! Anyone can register for PHP web development training in Chandigarh at BootesNull.

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