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Advance NodeJS Training in Chandigarh & Mohali at BootesNull

At BootesNull, we cater to the best NodeJS training in Chandigarh & Mohali that will lead you to a fertile future. Our crew holds a very healthy experience to train you for a successful career. These days, the IT industry is highly emerging hence, influencing the whole way of living. Since information technology has come to the limelight, millions of people across the globe are passionately opting for the same as a career. However, IT is a very vast field thus, it’s pretty common to get distracted or confused about what is the best to choose. Nothing to worry about anymore, we will remove all the fog of confusion right away.


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    Presently, the NodeJS course is high in trend. People from every age group, educational background as well as working professionals are opting for NodeJS trainings as it has a long way to cover in the software development industry.

    NodeJS in Terms of Career Choice

    Digital transformation has reshaped the entire living and business operation method along with career opportunities. Traditional products, services, career choices, and everything now are outdated with digital alternatives.  Presently, there are many new opportunities everywhere including occupation. However, to survive in the race, one must adopt new strategies and operating models accordingly. Considering similar facts, we at BootesNull guide for the best career path along with opportunities in the same field. 

    Information Technology is a highly popular choice these days in terms of career options. In IT, there are many options to select from and make a reputed career. NodeJS is a part of software development and is one of the best options you can choose for a great career. Node.JS is an open-source platform for executing JavaScript code server-side or outside the browser. As per the top IT industry experts, NodeJS has a very long to cover, thus, it has many opportunities. In order to learn or upgrade your current NodeJS skills, enroll for NodeJS training in Chandigarh, Mohali from the best IT company itself.

    nodejs training in chandigarh

    Fast Learning Curve

    Reusable Components

    High Stability

    Boosts Productivity

    Easy-to-Learn and Use


    Large Community Support

    Rapid Rendering with Virtual DOM

    Future of NodeJS: NodeJS isn’t Yet Vanished

    NodeJS is a popular framework that developers around the world rely on to build highly scalable and top-quality web applications. Basically, NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment for backend development. Developers can build dynamic web pages using command-line tools before sending them to a web browser. Furthermore, Node.js offers an asynchronous processing model that eases the creation of microservice architecture, video streaming services, and real-time chats.

    Node.js has a robust potential to manage several requests and immediate responses. Also, NodeJS comprises 5 amazing features like the ASYNC hook, Node Package Manager (NPM), NODE_Report, Single-threaded model, NODE_OPTION, and these features make it a suitable option for web app development. Since NodeJS has such incredible features for web and app development, it’s sure that the technology isn’t going anywhere. Instead, it has much more to serve the information technology in the future. Consequently, NodeJs is a great choice for career development. Additionally, it’s completely worth it to invest in NodeJS training in Chandigarh from a leading software development company. 

    DO You Know?

    Paypal, Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber, eBay, Yahoo, Mozilla, and GoDaddy are some of the popular applications built using Node. JS.

    Career Opportunities in NodeJS: Grab Opportunities Worldwide

    There are millions of job opportunities for software developers in the IT industry. In terms of job availability, full-stack development remains a leading segment in the information technology industry. In the entire market and industry, salaries of software engineers are higher than in other segments of IT. As a fact, NodeJS is a skill that highly contributes significantly to software development.

    There is a high market demand for front-end developers along with NodeJS developers and other technology experts. However, candidates with the right skill sets and a track record of executing mission-critical projects are always in high demand. To gain the required skills and experience, apply for NodeJS training in Mohali at BootesNull. We have a very reputed name in the market as our solutions are robust. Additionally, our trained people are currently placed in the top companies. 

    Why Choose BootesNull for NodeJS Training Chandigarh

    In the whole IT industry around the world, we have earned huge respect for rendering world-class solutions to every business niche. Our team of software programmers holds ample experience and knowledge. We promise to provide the best coaching that will bring a real difference in your lives that will further help you attain a successful dream job. Our NodeJS certification course highly focuses on providing vast knowledge within the duration of the training program. Apply for NodeJS course in Chandigarh, Mohali at BootesNull, and explore your programming skills.  

    Why Choose BootesNull

    Work On Live Projects

    We give freedom and an opportunity to each candidate to work on the “LIVE projects” for good learning.

    Certified Instructors

    At BootesNull, we have a team of certified professional trainers to provide world-class-level NodeJS training.


    Free Study Material

    For the NodeJS training in Mohali,
    we provide free-of-cost study material
    to each of our students/candidates


    In-House Job Placement

    At BootesNull, we have a team of certified professional trainers to provide world-class-level NodeJS training.


    Each Individual Supervision

    Our NodeJS coaches always focus on each individual supervision in training so that we prepare proficient developers for tomorrow.


    Best Infrastructure

    We crafted the whole NodeJS training
    program for students considering
    the best infrastructure to render
    top-notch quality coaching.

    Our NodeJS Training in Chandigarh Program

    • We Focus On Basics
    • No Technical Background Required
    • More Of Practical Exercise
    • Work On Live Projects
    • Self-paced
    • Best Infrastructure
    • Certified Instructors
    • Extra Session
    • One to One Session
    • Individual Supervision
    • Counseling By Experts
    • Free Study Material
    • Interview Preparation
    • In-House Job Placement – Top Candidates

    How BootesNull is Best in NodeJS Training in Chandigarh, Mohali

    • Facilitating An Interactive Atmosphere That Encourages Participation, Communication, And Learning
    • Flexible Time
    • Secure And Comfortable Education
    • Free Study Material And Extra Classes
    • Expert Development Engineers To Provide Practical Training
    • Dedicated To Candidate’s Success
    • Worth Career Counseling
    • Competent Team
    • Individual Classes – If Needed
    • Individual Support Classes – On Demand
    • Small Batch So That Every Student Can Get Attention
    • Backup Classes On Weekends – If Needed
    • Experienced & Certified Trainers With Advanced Skills
    • Assured Interviews after Thorough Preparation
    • In-House Hiring for Top Candidates

    Placement on Completion of Training

    • HR Team Will Prepare You For The Self-introduction Round And Group Discussions
    • Guidance For Technical + Written Interview
    • Tips For Making A Resume
    • Personality Development
    • Communication Skills

    Who Can Enroll in NodeJS Course?

    • Graduates from any stream
    • Willing individuals from any educational background
    • Basic computer knowledge is add on


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    Ready To Quick Start Your Career?

    BootesNull is a well-renowned IT company in Mohali, India rendering software development services and NodeJS training. We provide an opportunity to the enrolled candidates to work on live projects during the training program so that candidates have a better and clear understanding of NodeJS.

    Average Pay Scale of NodeJS Developers

    Node is currently the leading technology in the world and is opening up innumerable career opportunities for developers who are looking for growth potential. 

    It is no secret that apps and websites have been rapidly expanding in the recent past due to the increased use of the internet by mobile and desktop devices. Thus, presently, web developers are in high demand including NodeJS developers because they are the backbone of websites.

    For a beginner-level NodeJS developer with less than 1 year of experience, the average total compensation will be *250,000. For an experienced NodeJS developer with 1-4 years of industry experience and required skills, the average total compensation will be ₹400,000. For an experienced programmer with 5-9 years of experience, the average total compensation will be $700,000.

    Additional Factors That Affect the Pay Scale of NodeJS Developers

    • Education
    • Experience
    • Performance
    • Skills-set & Certification
    • Company’s Standards
    • Company’s Location


    Check the most frequently asked questions about NodeJS

    A – We assure you of the best NodeJs training that will help you crack interviews. Moreover, we hire the best candidates from every batch within our organization. 

    A – You can place your registration request for NodeJs training at BootesNull on our website. We will soon get back to you with the best and latest updates. 

    A – The average salary of NodeJs developers is 15-20k per month. However, there are many factors that affect wages of NodeJs developers. 

    A – Yes, absolutely. Anyone can register for the NodeJs course at BootesNull.

    A – We don’t charge any amount for NodeJs course at BootesNull. Instead, we provide the best infrastructure to help you gain the best knowledge.

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