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Hire Remote Team of Developers To Accelerate Your Business

Since digitalization, the success of a business primarily depends on robust software or web solutions. However, it is not mandatory to either possess technical expertise or hire IT experts for the in-house team to obtain top-notch software service. On the contrary, you can opt to hire remote team of developers. Moreover, remote work has been highly in trend since the COVID-19. By far, millions of companies or businesses have derived success via remote teams. A remote team’s flexibility, as well as talent contribution, is an added advantage to many renowned brands including music app development like Spotify.

No matter, if you’re planning to start up or wish to expand the business, hiring a remote team is always beneficial. Nevertheless, it is crucial to select the right people with the right skill-set onboard to achieve desired results.

Since a well-versed crew with skills, experience, and sufficient exposure to various projects bring great outcomes. Otherwise, it may result in huge time and capital loss. Furthermore, there is no shortcut or alternative to achieve success.

Although hiring the right talent with the right skill set, dedication level, and vision isn’t an easy task. It can take a lot of effort and time to hire remote team of developers, and if executed incorrectly, you may end up failing.

Worried or Tensed because don’t want to face failure in business? Don’t worry, we are here to guide you with the best information up to date. In this blog, we decided to pen down all the vital information about the remote team of developers to accelerate your business growth. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Why Opt For Remote Work?

Even though hiring remote developers seems challenging and intimidating because it requires time, effort, and deliberate consideration on your part, the overall benefits far outweigh these small drawbacks.

The demand for work flexibility has been increasing for several years, based on the rise in remote work, but currently, it stands at an all-time high, evidently prompted by the pandemic and safety issues.

There is one good thing about a rough 2020: the realization that remote work is as efficient as regular 9-to-5 office work. As a result, the old normal has disappeared, and WFH (work from home) has become the new normal.

Consequently, many trends have changed and some have completely vanished so far. On the contrary, people or businesses are adapting to new styles. For e.g. eCommerce platforms small businesses like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix Ecommerce, Squarespace, WooCommerce are in high trend for the development of eCommerce portals.

Pros of Remote Work

  • Continuous Development
  • Greater Engagement
  • Suitable Work Environment
  • Expands Capabilities
  • Expands Market Reach

Step-By-Step Blueprint to Hire Remote Developers

#1: Discovering Skilled Developers/Applications

#2: Resume Screening

#3: On-Call Screening

#4: In-Person Screening

#5: Soft Skills Assessment

#6: Programming Test

#7: Technical Interview

#8: Professional Background Verification

#9: Offer Letter

#10: Onboard

Step 1: Discovering Skilled Developers – In order to accomplish your business goals in the 21st era, you would require a skilled crew of developers. However, if you don’t wish to have a personal or in-house team, then hire a remote team of developers. No matter if you wish to hire PHP developers or React, at BootesNull you will find the world’s best coders.

To hire the best remote developers from the best web development company, you would first need to post your requirements on multiple freelance websites. During posting your requirements, make sure you don’t miss any vital or necessary information.

Step 2: Resume Screening – Once you post the crew requirements, you will receive numerous applications. At that time, you would be required to step forward and start the process of resume screening. This step is very crucial hence, be very attentive and careful. Therefore, ensure that you select the right applications to hire skilled and experienced programmers. Since the right applications will lead you to the right candidate, you can accomplish your organizational objective.

Step 3: On-Call Screening – After resume screening, to hire remote team of developers, the next step is on-call screening. This step will help you cross-check the candidates via phone call. Basically, it is a small interview, where you directly speak to the developer and ask desired questions to check whether the chosen candidate is the right fit for the project or not.

Step 4: In-Person Screening – After the call screening, you can call the selected candidates for the in-person screening round. During this time, you will get to know a lot about the candidate. As a result, it will help you choose the right developer who stands on the mark. However, while hiring remote developers, in-person screening can be both ways – video call or face-to-face.

Step 5: Soft Skills Assessment – When hiring remote crew, make sure you check the soft skills of the candidate prior to onboarding. In case you hire remote crew within the country or city, then this step is not that important. On the contrary, when hiring from another state or country, it is a must if you don’t want to fail in your project due to the language barrier. If there ever comes a time either you’re unable to explain or understand something or vice versa, then it will directly impact your project. However, at BootesNull, you can discover iOS developers as well as android developers.

Step 6: Programming Test – The most important step in order to hire a remote team of coders is a coding test. A programming test will allow you to check the caliber of the selected programmer so that you can easily make a firm decision whether to select or reject the candidate. Additionally, it is recommended to assign a task similar to the project requirements.

Step 7: Technical Interview – Now comes the last but not the least step for the hiring process of remote crew and it is the technical interview round. You might be wondering if the coding test is technical, then which technical round is left. This is a verbal technical interview to ensure that the chosen candidate is actually well-versed in the required field.

Step 8: Professional Background Verification – Once you finally choose the remote candidates, it’s necessary to check the professional background to ensure you don’t have to regret the chosen crew. By verifying the professional background of the developers, you ensure smooth and timely development of the overall project.

Step 9: Offer Letter – Finally comes the moment, after all the efforts you eventually hire remote team of developers for your project. Therefore, provide the offer letter to the selected candidates to proceed to the final ste[ hiring process. It simply makes hiring official or formal so that in case anything goes wrong in between the project or before completion of the project then you can take action if required.

Step 10: Onboard – Congratulations! You have successfully hired the team for your project. So don’t forget to congratulate your onboard crew.

When you are done hiring, communicating with them is not going to be an issue because there are high end communication tools that will help you in interacting with them specially while you want to give them instructions about a project on a daily basis.

Places To Find and Hire Remote Developers

  • Outsourcing Agencies
  • Freelance Marketplaces
  • Hiring Portals/Websites
  • LinkedIn
  • Referrals

5 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring Remote Team

Project Complexity

How complex is the project as well as how long-term?

Technical Expertise

How would you supervise and manage the development process? Are there in-house experts with technical backgrounds?

Crucial Information or Security 

What sensitive information does your project contain? Should it be protected?

Management Style

Would you be interested in dealing with administrative work?


How important is it for your company to integrate remote developers?

Benefits: Hiring Remote Team of Developers From India

Check the top advantages of hiring remote crew: –

Expand Development Capabilities – In India with a remote development team, you can easily expand the development or work capabilities.

Implementation of the Perfect Model – A remote crew provides a Plan-of-Action first, then proceeds. It means you are thoroughly aware of the working module so there is zero possibility of incorrect implementation or failure.

Good For Expanding Market Reach – Truly, the remote crew is the best way out to expand market reach as you can multiply the work according to the requirements.

Pushing the Barrier of Technical Skills – Many businesses don’t possess technical expertise, so for them, the best substitute is to hire remote team of developers to accomplish business goals.

Promotes Positive Workplace Habits – The best benefit of remote work for employees as well as employers is positive work environments and habits.

Flexible Engagement Models – It is way simpler and flexible to engage with employees with remote work.

Low Cost Of Development – Remote work is highly beneficial for employers as well as employees as it costs very little.

Notable Productivity – With remote work, you can clearly see productivity because employees work in a flexible work environment.

Proven Work Track Record – Remote work provides you with complete and proven work or track record.

Top Myths About Remote Development/Developers

Speak English Poorly – It is the most common myth however, it’s not true often. BootesNull crew is well versed with soft skills along with technical expertise in all the latest or advanced technologies.

Reduces Productivity – It’s being said that remote teams are always lazy and don’t work properly but it’s completely false. To date, we have catered our services to many and made small as well as enterprise-level businesses taste success with the help of our crew.

Rarely Communicate – It does happen when working with remote teams but it’s simply because of poor communication.

Less Talented – This myth is completely invalid that remote teams are less talented. There are numerous highly skilled programmers who prefer to work remotely.

Over Promise – Generally, it is being said that remote teams often overpromise and always fail to fulfill. However, it is not true because remote developers are very talented and they promise according to their caliber. There are several companies or businesses that have gained huge success by remote teams.

Late Delivery – This is also a very common myth about the remote crew that they often make late deliveries. Nevertheless, it isn’t true at all because clients ask remote programmers more about the project status than the in-house team. Therefore, there is no possibility of late deliveries.

Undermines Data Security – It has also been said that remote teams often undermine data. It simply means that data isn’t secured when working with remote teams. However, it’s totally a false statement as well as a myth because numerous big brands prefer to hire remote team of developers in order to achieve their organizational goals.

Can’t Integrate Well With An Onsite Team Or Company’s Culture – Another myth about remote crew is that remote teams cannot integrate well enough with in-house teams or company culture. Again, it is not a correct statement because together remote and onsite teams have completed many big projects.

Why Hire Remote Team of Developers from BootesNull?

Wide Range of Skilled Programmers

BootesNull has a wide range of skilled and experienced programmers. Moreover, our crew is an expert in multiple technologies including the top and most preferable ones.

Cost-Effective Software or Web Solutions

At BootesNull, we charge the lowest price for top-notch quality services. Therefore, hire a remote team of developers from the leading & renowned company.

Efficient Project Management

Our project managers possess years of experience so they have both technical expertise as well as experience. Consequently, we assure to provide the best project management that enhances your project development.

Global Quality Standards

Our team of developers always follows global quality work standards for development. Therefore, we offer optimum product handling, testing, and quality analysis.

Time-Zone Compatibility

If you hire coders from BootesNull, then you get the advantage of time zone compatibility. Our crew of developers can operate according to many time zones.

Supportive Work Policies

At BootesNull, we provide supportive work policies to our clientele in order to provide maximum satisfaction. The pool of remote developers we offer possesses the skills to perfectly accomplish your business needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Remote Developers?

Although coming up with a great app or web idea is hard, still hiring a great development team is even harder. It’s a challenge faced by many entrepreneurs and CTOs when they consider factors such as cost, expertise, experience, location, etc.

There are more than 100,000 IT graduates from Indian colleges every year. In fact, India ranked second worldwide in 2019 with the most graduates. As a result, India has enough experts that there can never be a shortage of resources, particularly web developers.

Furthermore, over the past few years, the demand for software developers has increased significantly, and there are no signs that it will decrease anytime soon. In fact, more and more businesses nowadays prefer to hire a remote team of developers. From the web or mobile application development to API development or UI design, we render to complete software solutions.

In addition, the recruitment costs of web developers are influenced by a number of factors such as the number of developers you need, their skills, experience, expertise, their role in the organization, or the type of project they are working on. Though almost every organization wishes to hire the best in the business who can boost revenue growth and service clients effectively.

How To Manage Remote Developers?

In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that software developer employment will increase by 22% from 2019 to 2029, which is nearly double the average growth rate of other occupations.

  • Have A Ready-To-Work Plan
  • Communicate – Share Background Story, Check-In Frequently, Give Feedback, Take Developer’s Feedback Into Consideration
  • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • Don’t Allow Time Zones Disrupt
  • Don’t Shortchange Freelancer Developers


The biggest reason to hire a remote team of developers is to discover the best fit for your project, irrespective of where they are physically located.

Globally, between outsourcing vs offshore, the offshore industry is growing by 20-25% every year. Moreover, recent survey results indicate that 8 out of 10 companies are planning to hire remote workers. 26% of business owners expect that offshore staffing will help them grow their businesses.