How to Develop Music Apps like Spotify

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How to Develop Music Apps like Spotify?

In the 21st century, the way to listen or play music has completely changed. Presently, no one prefers to download songs as it fills the memory of the device. On the contrary, people nowadays choose to download music streaming apps like Spotify to listen, play, or even download their favorite music tracks. Since audio streaming applications don’t require much space, it still give better as well as convenient functionality to users. The success of music streaming apps has made many think about how to develop music streaming apps like Spotify. Though developing an app isn’t an easy task still, it’s worth it to achieve a big success in the future.

Since several people want to create music streaming apps, due to lack of knowledge they’re unable to develop the music application. Today, we will be unfolding all the details of how to develop music streaming apps like Spotify. However, before that, it’s vital to understand in detail the application and its pros & cons’. Let’s begin!

What is a Music Streaming Application?

Spotify gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists all over the world, just like Apple Music. The most attractive aspect of Spotify is that it allows you to access content for free just by signing up with an email address or by connecting to Facebook. The key differences between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium are explained in our separate feature, but as a quick summary, Spotify Free is free but ad-supported, just like radio stations. Despite the fact that Spotify is accessible on PC, laptop, and mobile, Spotify Premium is required to use the full service.

Why Music Streaming Apps is a Profitable Business Idea 

In the fast-moving life, no one gets time to download music and then listen to their favorite tracks. On the other hand, these days everyone prefers to choose fast and quick music streaming apps like Spotify.

Though there are many other such applications available in the market, Spotify has a special influence on the people. Since a lot of great features are available on the app, people highly prefer Spotify. As a result, developing a similar app is a great and successful idea.

Major Steps involved in developing apps like Spotify

  1. Features
  2. License Type
  3. Music app developers
  4. Audio streaming app UI/UX designers
  5. Music streaming app MVP

Current Headman of the Sound Streaming Market

As mentioned above, there is huge competition in the music streaming industry. However, Spotify shares the largest share in the market among others. The major reason behind the success is the simple features, fast search, quick and smooth streaming. Conversely, other sound streaming applications are not that effortless. Also, not to forget the marketing strategy of Spotify. The right marketing plan towards the targeted audience is key to success in the digital world.

Check out the music streaming market share below:-

  • Amazon Music with 12% market share
  • Apple Music with 19% market share
  • Spotify with 36% market share

How does Spotify Works for Music?

Spotify is renowned music streaming application globally. It helps to listen, play, download the music & podcast, etc. online as well as offline. The best advantage of Spotify is that it doesn’t require much space. However, it’s a more convenient and advanced way of listening to Music.

Have a look at how the Spotify Music Streaming app Works: –

  • The music that Spotify stores is distributed across a number of servers.
  • Spotify searches the millions of servers using your mobile device and streams a random track from one of them.
  • This server refers to the computers and all the other gadgets of Spotify’s subscribers

Phenomenal Business Idea Behind Spotify

In a fast-moving life, generally, people find the best possible ways to eliminate boredom. Music is one of the best ways to replace boringness and cheer up the mood. In fact, Music always gladdens up every situation and uplifts the spirit thoroughly.

Spotify, the music streaming app, follows the best concept. It first stores music. Later, it distributes the stored music to various servers. Since the music streaming app hits the servers for music, it’s a simple yet advanced technique. In addition, the Spotify application pays royalties to authors which is an amazing way of earning.

The Spotify app helps find the perfect music and podcast for every moment, on the phone, computer, tablet, and more.

Spotify has millions of tracks and episodes, so whether you’re driving, working out, partying, or relaxing, you’ll always be able to find the perfect track or podcast. Choose what you want to listen to, or let Spotify make recommendations for the same.

In addition, browse a collection of friends, artists, and celebrities, or create your own radio station and listen.

How to Create Money with Apps Like Spotify?

Spotify or other music streaming apps earn money in two ways. The very first way of earning money through the sound streaming app is the premium account of the users. On the other hand, the second way of earning income via Spotify and similar music streaming applications is an advertisement.

Premium Services – In the premium music streaming services, users can effortlessly listen to the music without any interruption or ads. In fact, there are many other facilities for the premium user. Also, the user gets access to unlimited music over all devices. Additionally, in the premium services, the facility of temporary music download is also available.

Ad-Supported Services – To the user with a free account, a very limited amount of songs are available and with a lot of interruptions and advertisements. Since advertisers at Spotify are charged a cost-per-click and a cost-per-mile fee, users with free accounts have to face huge interruptions.

Features of the Spotify app

Prior to any app development, it’s important to know and understand the critical features. Without the vital features, it would be quite difficult to compete and win the game in the music app development industry. For music streaming apps like Spotify, below mentioned features are important.

Have a look at the important features of music streaming app:-

  • Registration / Signing up
  • Music Organizing
  • Music Discovery
  • All Things Social
  • Push Notifications
  • Music Library

Where to Start: Detailed Guide of How to Make a Music App like Spotify

Above in the blog, we have discussed almost every important aspect to develop music streaming apps like Spotify apart from the actual development process. Now, it’s time to dig into detail about similar sound streaming app development. Let’s start.

Objective – For anything, the first and foremost thing is an idea or objective. Everything comes after the goal, once the aim is decided, then start gaining in-depth information. For e.g. search similar applications and check the features. There are many apps available for music streaming from where the reference can be taken such as apple music, amazon music, Spotify, etc. It’s very necessary and vital to summarize the idea correctly.

License – To develop music streaming apps like Spotify, it’s necessary to have a license first. Thus, check all the details deeply so that you don’t have to face trouble later. Since it’s extremely important to have a license for a sound streaming app or service.

If we talk about Spotify, it has two license types. Check it out below: –

Sound Recording License Agreement

Musical Composition License Agreement

Planning – Now, after taking all the overview of the music streaming app, plan how to develop music streaming apps like Spotify. For a project to succeed, proper planning is essential. Without correct planning, it would be a difficult task to develop any application. During the planning part, don’t forget to consider how much it will cost to develop a Spotify sort of music streaming app.   

Development – The most vital part of the development of the application. However, it should be started when everything is nicely and thoroughly planned. The development part comes under execution but it can be only possible to have good execution if the planning is accurate.

UI UX Designing – After the completion or in between the development phase of the music streaming application, start working on UI UX designs.

Generally, the UI UX designing part is divided into three steps. Check the stages of the UI UX designing below: –

  • Wireframe
  • Mockup
  • Prototype


Tech Stack – In order to develop music streaming apps like Spotify, focus on the technology stack used for the development. For e.g. Python and JavaScript are used for Spotify. Moreover, Spotify uses PHP for the server-side and Java for the back-end. As mentioned above Spotify stores music files on device cache therefore, for this the music streaming app uses Cassandra, PostgreSQL, and general memory caching system.

For the development of the Spotify app, various other technologies are also used. Check them out below: –

  • Kafka software is for real-time data management as well as data processing
  • GraphWalker for model-based tests and Python integration
  • Amazon S3 for cloud-based music streaming
  • Dataproc for platform infrastructure
  • The Chrome embedded framework is used to build desktop applications’ user interfaces
  • Bootstrap for web app development
  • Nginx as open-source HTTP and proxy server
  • C++ for Windows/Mac clients
  • Java for Android music streaming app
  • Objective-C for iOS music streaming app

Final Thought

Now, the entire instructions of how to develop music streaming apps like Spotify is in front of you. Thus, without any further delay start building your own app for music streaming. In case, you face any issue in between, then consider the blog as everything is elaborated in detail.