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Things To Consider Before Hiring Laravel Development Agency-01
Things To Consider Before Hiring Laravel Development Agency-01

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Things To Consider Before Hiring Laravel Development Agency

PHP platforms are becoming a magnet for developers across the globe just because of their feature-rich values and high potential. Still, there’s one framework that is becoming the most demanded out of all the PHP frameworks: Laravel, Laravel allows developers to draft anything from a fresh start and is also a very flexible as well as user-friendly platform. It is renowned for its superior security compared to other frameworks. It employs various measures, such as
    1. CSRF protection (Cross-Site Request Forgery) –  Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection is a security feature in Laravel that protects users from being exploited by malicious attackers.
    2. Passport for secure authentication – It’s a package that helps you add secure authentication as well as authorization to your Laravel applications. It is mainly used for securing APIs.
  • Strong Password hashing – Laravel uses its hashing algorithm to convert the password into an unreadable sequence of characters. This process is called hashing.
  • XSS (Cross-site Scripting) Security – In this type of security vulnerability, web applications allow users to input disbelieving data, which is then displayed on the website without proper verification. 
  Full-stack development refers to crafting components from 2 sides, one from the client & other from the server. Livewire is a full-stack framework in Laravel that allows developers to craft dynamic UI using server-side code. When we combine Laravel with frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it enables developers to create robust and versatile applications. This framework provides tools like Laravel Echo and Pusher Integration for apps catering to features such as live chat, notifications, and presence awareness. If we talk about figures, then the number of active websites using Laravel is over 720,975, and the figures are increasing rapidly. This is extensively used in the development community for its rich feature set, robust architecture, and wide range ecosystem, making it an exceptional choice for building complex applications and APIs.  If we talk about its more vast uses, then it is used for the development of:-
  • ERP systems
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • E-Learning Platforms
  • Social Networking Platforms
  • Job Portals and Recruitment Platforms
  • Booking and Reservation Systems
  • API-driven Applications
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Platforms
  • Real-time Chat
Features such as automated task scheduling and queue management capabilities make this framework more preferred and result in crafting efficient & responsive applications. But have you ever wondered why you need Laravel? We’ll tell you why.

Why should I hire a Laravel Development Agency?

  • The sense of expertise & professionalism a company brings to you is the only reason that would push you to hire a development agency. 
  • Your company’s future strategies and maintenance of framework will be smoother if you go with an agency.
  • The agency will introduce you to the best PHP developers who align with your Company’s Values and Vision
  • An experienced Laravel Development Agency will save you from wasting your time selecting an in-house team and paying the cost of accommodating the new team.
  • The agency will have the required knowledge and vigor to meet your expectations.

What should I consider before hiring a Laravel development agency?


Dedicated Teams For Laravel Projects 

An in-house team not only helps in managing the workflow but also helps in operations such as collaborations with your in-house experts, reinforcing your team with all the necessary skills and proficiency to deliver efficient results. The dedicated team will have expertise in various aspects, such as
  • PHP frameworks 
  • Hashing
  • Artisan Console
  • Migration
  • Design pattern
  • Dependency injection

Ability To Streamline 

A client’s words are merely visionary, but the ability to understand that vision and create the final version out of it is a skill that very few people have.    Ensure that all the team members, from quality analysts to developers, understand your vision, because their clarity in understanding your vision will lead to transforming your needs into panoramic specifications. The quality analyst from the Laravel Development Agency should know about documenting client requirements in depth & proposing a strategy to fulfill the client requirements. The developers should be open to adaptive changes in the future, keeping in mind factors such as market response, changes in the market, user response, and a lot more.  

Analyzation of Work Track 

The evaluation of the work portfolio determines the actual talent of an agency & also helps in the evaluation of the skillfulness of the agency. It would help you more if you check the agency’s projects with prior clients to get a fine blueprint of their working style & level of proficiency. Before finalizing your agency, you should clear all the doubts regarding maintenance and post-project services.  

Responsive Team 

In complex situations such as MVC support, Laravel data migration, template management, or handling authentication, caching, sessions, and restful API, their team should be ready to handle queries 24×7.  

The Ability To Tackle Diverse Project Challenges 

Complications are uncertain and can pop up anywhere, but the ability to tackle them is the only thing that makes your development agency better than others. A skilled developer should know about all the solutions as well as challenges that can occur in diverse frameworks. The developer should have the ability to do a rough project first and then prepare a prototype code for it to make the product design work as per your preference. Any further changes or requirements will result in a definite solution.  

Extensive QA and Testing  

Quality assurance and testing are essential to ensuring a high-performing & defect-free application. The primary goal of an agency is to deliver high-quality solutions to its clients, so the QA testers of the agency should be skilled & experienced. In-depth QA and testing processes ensure that the applications you develop meet or exceed client expectations, leading to higher client satisfaction and seamless UI/UX services. QA testers of the agency should know how to conduct compatibility testing to verify that Laravel applications function correctly across different devices, browsers, and operating systems. QA involves various testing methods, which include
  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Performance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Unit testing
  • Security testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Usability testing

Team Enlargement Skills

During a Laravel project, there can be times when your team lacks a certain skill or needs team augmentation. The agency should be able to expand its reach to meet your project requirements. Always go for a Laravel Development Agency that fulfills your team augmentation solutions. Team augmentation solutions help boost your performance and fortify your project’s success.  

Project Cost And Efficiency 

If you focus only on fulfilling project needs and reinforcing the team, then this alone will not help; you’ll need to discuss some more important things, such as the cost and time. Always clear the projected cost of your project & make sure that it gets delivered within the pre-agreed time. Inquire about the working process of the team & discuss all the modes of communication & ways of transparency in the process to know about their way of working. These things will make your project more efficient, & you’ll learn about the correlation between cost and time.  

Post-Project Delivery Services 

The conquest of your project truly depends on the challenges faced after the launch, so if your development agency ensures you a proper post-project delivery service, then you are going on the right track.


Final Note

The above checkpoints may cover all the important aspects of your project & needs, but there are always some needs that may arise suddenly, & for that, you’ll need a team with expertise and a good level of understanding.  It is crucial to carefully evaluate all the key factors to ensure a smooth collaboration and project outcome. By diligently considering these aspects and carefully analyzing your needs, you can choose the right Laravel Development Agency to bring your project to attainment effectively.  We at BootesNull are dedicated to perfection in every project we take in hand and we provide you with the best in class Laravel Development services, Laravel E-Commerce Web Solutions, and much more. We provide you with a team of highly skilled developers to cater to robust and smooth applications in a minimal timeframe. We’ve worked with many renowned companies and clients worldwide, including start-ups as well as enterprise-level businesses. Our Laravel development team crafts the most suitable software solutions that meet clients and their business needs. You can Hire Laravel Developers from BootesNull to embark on an amazing & reasonable web app development experience.