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Your Ultimate Guide to Build A  Social Media App Like Twitter!

Almost everyone, from the youngest generation to the oldest, spends a lot of time on social media. A minimum of 2 hours and 27 minutes each day is required. Global WebIndex data also shows that more than 58.4 per cent of the world’s population makes frequent use of social networking sites.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter aren’t just ways for people all over the world to stay in touch with one another anymore; they’ve evolved into something far more. A good illustration of this is the rising prevalence of advertising campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This means that by 2023, social media advertising budgets will have grown to more than US $ .23 million.

In any case, if you have an idea for a social networking app but don’t know where to begin, a leading mobile app development company, BootesNull has got you covered.

Twitter: The Game Changer Application

Microblogging platform Twitter increased its character count from 140 to 280. Launched in 2006, it has maintained a strong position as one of the most popular and actively used social media sites. Daily, 186 million users send more than 500 million tweets over the site.

One in five of Twitter’s 340 million monthly active users is an adult. According to the data, 71% of Twitter users check the site for breaking news.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to make a Twitter-like application without spending a dime.

Quality Twitter-Like Social Media App Features

One cannot find an equivalent app to Twitter. Many developers have tried to replicate Twitter’s success with their apps, but they’ve all fallen short in one crucial area: adding the app’s core functionality.

 Include the following functions in your social networking app like Twitter to set it out from the crowd.

  • User Profile

By establishing a profile, you can let other users of the service know more about yourself and the kinds of things that might catch your eye. 

There are several customizable fields where you may add information about yourself, such as your interests, a brief biography, a link to your online portfolio, and even a photo. Make sure your users understand that this information will be shared publicly.

  • User Sign-up or Registration

Provide users with the option to sign up and log in to gain access to restricted areas of your app. The moment users check in, they’ll have access to the site’s interactive features and the ability to tailor the feed to their interests. The signup process should be quick and only require one click.

  • Likes and Follows

Your app’s users should be able to do more than just upload content—they should also respond to and engage with other users. As such, support for users to “Like,” “Retweet,” and “Comment” on tweets is necessary. In addition, users of the app should be able to “Follow” content creators on the service.

  • Tweets

Tweets are how users of your app can interact with one another on the social media platform you provide. Your app’s users can show their ingenuity and get over as much information as possible within the constraints of the 280-character limit. Give them the chance to share visuals as well.

  • Video Streaming

As of late, videos have surpassed all other forms of content on social networks. Twitter users have a time limit of 2 minutes and 20 seconds for their video posts. As the developer of a social media platform, you get to set the limit on how long a user’s uploaded video can be.

  • Verified Accounts

Verified accounts on Twitter are available to celebrities, opinion leaders, influencers, major businesses, and others in positions of authority. A blue badge can be added to the profile of those who qualify for it. Incorporating this function can entice more well-known people to sign up for your social networking app.

Why Making An App Like Twitter Can Be Beneficial For Your Business?

Hear it from the experts;

benefits of twitter social media app

Twitter Business Model; How Twitter Earns Money?

Twitter’s business model includes the use of several different revenue generation strategies.

Search Engine

The Search Engine is a key component of Twitter’s business model. Charges for displaying search results in real-time are borne by Twitter.

Twitter’s business strategy earned $2.9 billion in 2019 through advertising revenue.

Data Licensing

Twitter currently shares data on over 500 million tweets every day with its data partners.

The content and history of public tweets on Twitter can be searched and analyzed by the data partners. Twitter grants its partners access to both real-time and archived data through the purchase of data licenses, allowing for more thorough research and analysis. When a user purchases while using Twitter’s mobile ad exchange, known as MoPub, Twitter earns a commission.

Simply said, Twitter facilitates the instantaneous connection of advertisers with those looking to buy or sell inventory on the platform. The total revenue earned through data licensing and other sources exceeds $333.3 million.

Advertising on Twitter

Advertising is the main moneymaker for every social media site. All of Twitter’s advertising revenue comes from users clicking on various Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, etc.

It’s universal, touching people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. There are a variety of clickable and retweetable banners and videos throughout the adverts. Twitter’s bottom line benefits when more people retweet content they find interesting.

Hashtags share this behaviour. Ad sales account for 86% of overall earnings. Marketers can publish and retweet advertising campaigns thanks to promoted tweets, while promoted accounts boost the visibility of their companies. The US advertising market might demand upwards of $250,000 per day for a tweet that goes viral.

Let’s take a closer look at three subsets of Twitter marketing:

  • Trends

Promoted Trends are a high-impact trends list that is updated every 24 hours as part of Twitter’s business model. When businesses take use of this, their ads will be prioritized in the ‘Trends for you’ part of their followers’ feeds.

  • Tweets

These Tweets are similar to regular user tweets, except that advertisers pay for them to increase their reach or pique the interest of their existing followers.

  • Accounts

Twitter receives funding from advertisers who want the social media platform to highlight their accounts to targeted audiences. This is how Twitter generates revenue through paid-for marketing campaigns for new followers.

  • Firehose

This is a different way to generate income by charging certain businesses for access to a restricted set of services; for example, Twitter now channels over 600 million tweets per day through the Firehose system.

Cost Breakdown with BootesNull

It is the complexity of the design that determines how much it will cost to construct a social networking app.

The price of a social network app is affected by several variables, such as the number and complexity of features desired, the size and location of the development team, and so on. Expenses like advertising, upkeep, and regular updates are also included. In this section, we’ll go over the primary considerations that go into estimating the time and resources needed to build a social networking app.

For a more accurate estimate, we will also learn how the costs of developing a mobile app vary at different phases.

How Much Each Phase of Making a Social Media App Will Cost?

Researching the market is the first step in creating fully functional software, including releasing it to the public and providing ongoing support and updates. The total cost of creating an app increases with each successive phase. Let’s break down the time and money needed for each stage to get at a ballpark figure for the total price of your social media app.

To provide a ballpark figure, we used the average hourly rate of $25 at a popular development firm to estimate the cost of creating a simple social media app with some nifty extras.

Business Analysis         1,800- 6000

UI/UX Design                8000-12,000

Development                28,875-58,375

Quality Assurance        4200- 8500

Project Management  4000-7,000

Total Cost –                    46875- 91875

***Keep in mind that the aforementioned numbers are just estimates and that the true price may wind up being higher or lower depending on the specifics of the project. Contact us today to schedule your no-cost consultation and obtain the precise estimates you need.***

Approaches to Development Partnership and Model Engagement

The developers’ hourly rates are also a major factor in the total cost of making a social networking app. However, expertise and the proper tools are needed to construct social media apps. Designers, testers, and project managers are also needed for the development process.

You have three primary options when looking to outsource the mobile or API development of your social networking app:


If you want to ensure reliability, security, and fast, high-quality outcomes for your social network app project, outsourcing is the way to go. Teams at mobile app development companies will help you through every step, from conceptualization to rollout.

The teams are comprised of the following highly skilled and experienced experts;

  • Experts in User Interface and User Experience Design for Businesses
  • App Makers for iOS and Android
  • Mechanical Engineer in Quality Control
  • The administrator of a Project

Team size is directly proportional to project scope, level of difficulty, and type of involvement. Mobile App development companies typically have higher hourly charges, which vary by geography. Comparatively, while American businesses charge $100-$250 per hour, their Indian counterparts charge only $25-$40.

Hire Freelancers

The hourly charges of freelance app developers are lower than those of mobile app development companies. However, you will have to manage a team of independent contractors who you will need to recruit separately for design, development, and testing. And the hourly prices will change depending on where they are.

Freelance coders in India, for instance, can expect to earn a minimum of $10 per hour, whereas their American counterparts might expect to earn $50 per hour.

Hire Dedicated Remote Developers/Extended Team

One alternative is to work with a leading Canadian web development company like BootesNull, which employs full-time specialists. Employing experienced software developers, project managers, and other specialists is easy because there is no need to conduct extensive candidate screenings or manage payroll.

And unlike freelancers, who may work on multiple projects at once, hiring dedicated software developers will focus solely on yours. It is also the best option when you already have an in-house team but need more development resources or want to expand your current team on demand.

Finally, the price range for a social media app typically ranges from $45,000 to $80,000. Those apps with the most extensive functionality and design can easily cost over $200,000. A further factor contributing to the overall price is the necessity for routine app upkeep and upgrades.

Other expenses, such as those associated with the app store, the database, the server, app patenting, and marketing, must also be factored in.

Targeted Devices and Platforms

There is a direct correlation between the number of platforms and devices you wish to reach with your social media app and the total cost of developing it. The decision between iOS and Android for a mobile app should be based on factors like the intended audience, market fragmentation, localization, etc. A web app version may also be considered for cross-platform support across devices and operating systems.

Nonetheless, the cost rises as the number of platforms increases. One platform release can be followed by a port to another. In 2010, Instagram, for instance, debuted only on the iOS platform. It became immensely popular, and in April 2012, an Android version was finally published.

Cross-platform development is an option to consider if your audience is split evenly between iOS and Android users. The development of a cross-platform app is more cost-effective than creating an iOS and Android version of the same program.

How Can BootesNull Developers Help You Create a Cost-Effective App Like Twitter?

To create a successful social media app, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge base, a solid app workflow plan, and effective teamwork.

For this reason, settling on a top-notch mobile app development company for the social networking app is essential.

how can bootesnull developers help you create a cost-effective app like twitter

Hiring BootesNull Dedicated Software Developers Can Save You Time, Effort, and Money!

For the social media app development project to even get off the ground, developers must be hired. In this case, as a business owner, you should be familiar with the hourly development rates of various countries, which are the basis for the developers’ service charges.

Try to attract investors from nations like India, Dubai, or anywhere else in Asia where there is a large pool of qualified programmers offering their services at significantly reduced rates.

I’m sure you’re feeling motivated to dive headfirst into the world of social media app development after reading this. You can count on the entire team of ReactJS developers here at BootesNull to lend a hand in creating a social networking app that will do wonders for your company if you need it.

To provide you with a finished product that is both powerful and quick to implement, our team of knowledgeable and dedicated software developers uses the most up-to-date technological stack, adheres to agile principles, and carefully considers your company’s requirements. Perhaps that’s why we’ve completed over a thousand social networking apps across so many different sectors.

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List of Social Media Apps BootesNull Developers Offer

Messaging & Calling App

Create your own secure, scalable, and innovative messaging and calling app, similar to WhatsApp. Integrate several communication modes, including text, audio, and video, in addition to features like file transfer and collaborative editing. 

Networking App

Establish your network of communication. The networking app LinkedIn is similar to Facebook. A great place to connect with like-minded people and locate experts, investors, business contacts, and collaborators. The app’s target audience can range from the entire world to a small subset of its users.

The apps may be used for anything from building a personal network to meeting new business contacts, generating leads, and even finding a life partner.

Team Communication App

Make a team messaging software similar to Slack. By self-hosting, you may have full control over the apps and guarantee the security of your team’s information and communications. You can brand the app with your company’s name and colours, restrict access to it to a select group of users, or make it available to the general public.

To appeal to today’s consumers, your product must offer enhanced security algorithms in addition to convenient new ways to communicate and work together.

Broadcasting App

Make a social media app with channels, like Telegram, and use it to share your public messages with a wide audience. You can reach a big number of people by sending out alerts directly to their inboxes. Allow users to set up either secret or open chat rooms. Create paid channels or make them available for free. Acquire a massive subscriber base.

Photo Editing & Sharing Network App

Develop a video and image editing and sharing app similar to Instagram and PicsArt. Get the most out of these social media platforms by encouraging users to experiment with the many photo filters and other options they offer.

Final Words

Making and releasing a social media app like Twitter seems ahead of the curve given that the contemporary era is defined by its embrace of experimentation with the status quo.

hire remote developers India

Up to 424 million people join a social media network every year, making them the undisputed global champion. For this reason, business owners anticipate the creation of social networking apps. And why not, when there are so many ways to accomplish the goal? 

It’s better to work with a web development company like BootesNull to create a bespoke app/solution for your business’s specific requirements.