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Top 10 Best ReactJS Framework and Libraries 2023

In the IT industry, ReactJS is a popular JS library used for front-end (UI) development worldwide. Facebook created the technology (programming language) JavaScript and later introduced ReactJS (UI library) on 29 May 2013. ReactJS is used by 42.62% of developers across the world. If you have project ideas for front-end development, hire ReactJS developers

ReactJS is a great library that helps to build robust and scalable web solutions. Since ReactJS follows Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, it is an ideal choice for handling web and mobile apps. In general, ReactJS is popular for building single-page applications (SPA). By using the ReactJS library, software developers can create reusable UI components.  

If you desire to build an interactive UI, seek assistance from an experienced ReactJS development company. There are so many frameworks/libraries that come with ReactJS to ease the job of a developer. Today, we are sharing the “most used ReactJS Framework/Library by developers”. Let’s get started!

What is ReactJS Framework

ReactJS comes with many advanced features that make it an ideal choice for UI development. The major reason behind the popularity of ReactJS is the array of React component libraries. With ReactJS frameworks, tech professionals have created attractive UI for web, desktop, and hybrid applications. On the contrary, prefer to hire a dedicated resource for powerful and advanced mobile app development solutions.

Several big companies like Netflix, PayPal, Airbnb, Salesforce, Reddit, etc. use ReactJS or React Native for web or mobile app development. There are many benefits of using the ReactJS framework such as: –

Reasons To Use ReactJS

In the present digital era, software solutions have become an integral part to run a business. However, the process of web development is lengthy and difficult. Therefore, software development requires guidance and assistance from experienced tech professionals. If you need an application for your business, then hire software developers

The role of the framework in application development is irreplaceable. In simple words, a framework provides a predefined structure or set of rules to ease development. As a result, the development speed accelerates along with accuracy.

Pros Of ReactJS Framework

  • Easy Debugging
  • Improved Code
  • Code Reusability
  • Fast Development
  • Better Security
  • High Flexibility
  • Great Performance
  • Usability
  • Easy To Learn Library/Framework
  • Build Rich User Interface
  • Write Custom Components
  • Uplifts Productivity
  • Offer Fast Rendering
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Developer Toolset
  • Proficient Data Binding

Top 10 ReactJS Frameworks and Library

Have a look at the top 10 ReactJS frameworks we have mentioned below: –

#1. Next.js

#2. React Bootstrap

#3. Semantic UI React

#4. Material UI

#5. React Redux

#6. Blueprint UI

#7. Ant Design

#8. Chakra UI

#9. Fluent UI

#10. Evergreen

Now, you are well-versed with the names of the best 10 ReactJS frameworks. So let’s move ahead and learn in detail about these frameworks to understand the usage and features. Let’s get started!


The topmost name in the list of 10 ReactJS frameworks is NextJS. This is used to build universal React applications. Therefore, ReactJS developers can render templates on the server and frontend components. This means NextJS offers great benefits to ease the development like easy sharing of components, faster rendering, and useful tools.

In general, this ReactJS framework/library is ideally used for blogs. There are endless pros to using NextJS to build scalable and quick solutions such as smart bundling, route prefetching, TypeScript support, SEO-friendly, etc.

Features of NextJS

  • Analytics
  • Hybrid: SSG and SSR
  • TypeScript Support
  • Fast Refresh

GitHub Stars: 92.8k

React Bootstrap

On the top 2 in the list of 10 Best ReactJS Framework/Library is React Bootstrap. This is one of the oldest UI kit libraries/frameworks in ReactJS. For elegant front-end development, React Bootstrap is an ideal choice as a UI framework. The React Bootstrap framework comes with various elements and components which are easily accessible. For instance – when ReactJS developers make a plug-in or theme which is easily accessible to end users, this framework is helpful to achieve the goal.

React Bootstrap is helpful to build UI for either the mobile application or web application. So no matter if you are looking for mobile app development services or web, this framework is useful to get desired outcomes for front-end development.

Features of React Bootstrap

  • Out-of-the-Box Accessibility
  • Clean code
  • Virtual DOM 

GitHub Stars: 21.1k

Semantic UI React

The next ReactJS framework/library in the list is Semantic UI React. With the name, you might have guessed that it is used for User Interface. Well, this is absolutely correct. Semantic UI React is the framework used for UI components. This framework doesn’t have virtual DOM because Semantic UI React is dependent on jQuery methods. The Semantic UI React contains several customizable elements for front-end development. In addition, this is an open-source project on GitHub which is very useful for CSS with React.

The main features of the Semantic UI framework consist of building responsive web pages with unique component functionalities. The sub-components provide better control to access and edit markup. Moreover, an auto-controlled state allows better utilization of components. On the contrary, if you need a mobile app development solution, contact React Native development company.

Features of Semantic UI React

  • Augmentation
  • Sub Components
  • Auto controlled state

GitHub Stars: 12.9k

Material UI

The best UI framework on the list of the top is MUI. Material UI has various pre-built components and themes which ease the development process. There are many additional amazing features in the Material UI framework/library such as pre-built sliders, drop-down menus, and navigational tools. In addition, these tools and APIs are used for native mobile app development.

Also, Material UI framework features include automatic color changes and interoperability between styling components and CSS-based modules. The best part of this ReactJS framework is that MUI elements adhere to the Google Material Design standards that improve the application speed.

Features of Material UI

  • Automatic color changes
  • Interoperability
  • Switch between RTL and Non-RTL

Features of Material UI

GitHub Stars: 81.3k

React Redux

This is one of the most popular UI frameworks in ReactJS. React Redux is famous for its predictable component library with a simple interface along with solid code testing capabilities across the global developers’ community. For instance – when ReactJS developers enter the values for the components, the interface fetches, updates, and apprises the values automatically. In addition, Redux contains several DevTools to identify state changes, maintain logs and send error reports.

The Redux is compatible with several other technologies such as Angular and other JavaScript frameworks. Thus, ReactJS developers can connect React code to several other components, write consistent code, and edit it while the application runs with Redux.

Features of React Redux

  • Performance optimization
  • Large community support 
  • React Redux UI bindings

GitHub Stars: 58.7k

Blueprint UI

This framework in the list is developed, especially for desktop application development with ease. The Blueprint UI is a CSS framework best suited for designing UI for complex and data-intensive web pages. There are around 30 components with multiple options like minimal scripting and coding. However, this framework in the list of top 10 is not recommended for mobile applications. BUI is a great framework to build data-heavy web interfaces with multiple components and modules.

Moreover, ReactJS developers can easily customize each component with CSS to tweak its style. In addition, the Blueprint UI ReactJs framework has great documentation to help developers understand every aspect of functionality while coding an application.     

Features of Blueprint UI

  • Intuitive features
  • Minimal script required
  • Easy to use

GitHub Stars: 19.3k

Ant Design

This is a CSS ReactJS framework with an extensive design library. By using this framework, software developers create appealing UI components. There are several options for a design library for front-end development and a GUI design for client development. These design elements are very simple and easy to integrate.

In fact, the components can be directly used with ReactJS. Ant Design framework comes with many customizable themes, design elements, and development tools. There are approx. 50 components that help in UI design.

Features of Ant Design

  • Seamless theme customization
  • Environment support feature
  • Intuitive design resources & tools

GitHub Stars: 81.9k

Chakra UI

This is another ReactJS component library/framework in the list. Among all the listed ReactJS frameworks, Chakra UI requires less time to write code. As a result, this framework helps in faster development along with accessible, modular, and flexible UI components for building applications. With Chakra UI, ReactJs developers can easily build new components. Moreover, these components can be easily customized, re-used, and adhere to the WAI-ARIA standards.

Also, this ReactJS framework/library comes with dark and light UI options, themes, and 49+ components. For smooth and quick development, Chakra UI includes various inputs, accordions, tips, and icons.

Features of Chakra UI

  • Easy to use
  • Modular
  • Reusable components

GitHub Stars: 28.7k

Fluent UI

This is a Microsoft-based UI library/framework used to develop cross-platform applications. The components and graphics in the Fluent UI resemble the MS Office products and share compatibility with OneNote, Azure DevOps, Office 365, etc. The default setting of Fluent UI is suitable for most projects like web, mobile, etc. Moreover, this framework consists of pre-built components like input, notification, menu, etc. to create an application easily. For a quick and accurate development process, the Fluent UI components can be customized with ease. Furthermore, this framework is cross-platform compatible and supports desktop, Android, and iOS devices. 

Features of Fluent UI

  • Intuitive & powerful
  • Easily customizable
  • Cross-platform friendly 

GitHub Stars: 14k


This is another CSS library with a collection of ReactJS modules to build web applications. Evergreen is developed with React Primitive and is easy to adapt to new changes. Therefore, this framework works great and helps to think and build out-of-the-box applications. This React UI framework has 30+ components and these are built on primitive React UI with usable patterns. Evergreen is a great framework for building enterprise-grade web applications.

As it contains a wide range of components and tools from basic layouts, typography, colors, and icons to function-based components such as dropdowns, toggles, file uploads, and feedback indicators. So do not hesitate to hire ReactJS developers for your next project.

Features of Evergreen

  • Seamless Flexibility
  • Easy to make changes
  • Contributor-friendly

GitHub Stars: 11.8k

Tell Us Your Favorite ReactJS Framework

If you are looking for robust front-end development, then ReactJS is a great library that comes with amazing frameworks. We have shared the list of top 10 ReactJS frameworks to ease your efforts for application development. In case you require assistance from a reputed web development company, then contact BootesNull.

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